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Top 10 Clubs in Paris You Can't Miss

Top 10 Clubs in Paris You Can't Miss

A City of Love Where Highly Spirited Atmosphere Sets the Stage!

Renowned as the “City Of Love,” the nightlife scenes in Paris are always flourishing. The hard-core parties of Paris never cease to enchant the club-goers. Some of the best clubs in Paris compete with the favorites of Budapest and Berlin, from sparkling streets at night to buzzing nightclubs. This French Capital city amazes everyone in a literal sense at dusk. So, if you were looking to make your night extremely energetic, we have enlisted the top 10 nightclubs in Paris so that you won’t even get a second to bored! Let’s get started!


  • La Station – Gare Des Maine

If you are a fan of loud variations of music, you must drop at La Station- Gare Des Maine. This Paris night club is located inside the previous coal station, set a little in front of the Périph. This amazing leftfield clubbing area features a few stages both inside and out and doubles as an exhibition space in the daytime. This spot serves as a concert hall and a modern art exhibition space with seating space and exterior bars.


29 avenue de la Porte d'Aubervilliers Paris 75018


  • Badaboum

If you are a big fan of house and disco nights with indie rock gigs, Badaboum is a place to be, set right in the pulsating heart of Paris, Bastille. The attention-grabbing lights displays and a superior grade sound system truly make this 400-seating Badaboum easily the best Paris nightclub. Plus, the cherry on the top,  it gives out a look of a cozy apartment in Paris, and partly an old-school cocktail hideout, entertaining both connoisseurs and dance aficionados.


2 bis Rue des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris, France


  • Rex Club

Rex Club is located underneath the celebrated Grand Rex Cinema and has pulled in the cream of the crop electronic music from all over the globe. It is one of the most energetic clubs in Paris France, which is also an early pulsating ground for Daft Punk and Laurent Garnier. Immerse in the sounds of Rex Club with a quality set-up of seventy speakers putting on more than 40 distinctive sound configurations at the fingertip of the DJ. Plus, this astounding club has proved itself to be a great pleaser of turntable stars.


5 Boulevard Poissonniere, 75002 Paris, France


  • La Machine du Moulin Rouge

Being a La Locomotive, La Machine Du Moulin Rouge hosts the performances of renowned musicians such as the Who, the Beatles, and David Bowie. Being one of the best Paris clubs, it had fallen into possession of Moulin Rouge in the year of 2010 and since that time this majestic place has metamorphosed into a 3-floor mega club.  Famous for its phenomenal bookings of live music and all-night-long parties, this Moulin Rouge club offers everything from understandable throwbacks to We Are The 90s to the raves handpicked by the La Mamie local collective.


90 Boulevard de Clichy 75018 Paris


  • Supersonic

For a vibrant nightlife in Paris, head to the Supersonic which hosts complimentary live shows of indie rock in the early evening that boasts both international and French acts. This venue on the weekend is open till 5 in the morning for its Wipe Out and Nuits Hippies, the theme party of the 60s is sure to transport you back to mesmerizing Swinging London. This club gives free entry except for the weekends.


 9 Rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris, France


  • Le Glazart

From the spectacular series of space, metal, and stoner rock gigs to its overnight psytrance parties, dubstep, and drum ‘n’ bass, Le Glazart surely adores its musical extremities. Set in the old bus station right on the northeast side of Paris, this animated venue transforms a little more friendly in summer as its massive outdoor area converts into a city beach complemented with deckchairs, cocktails, and loads of sand. Icing on the cake, this lovely venue is accompanied by a bar completed with comfortable sofas and a concert stage.


7-15 Avenue de la Porte de la Villette, 75019 Paris


  • La Java

Located behind the marvelous Art Deco building, La Java, since the 30s, has been one of the staple night clubs in Paris of clubbing circuits. Swarming with locals, this sweaty, dark, and unbelievably famous Parisian nocturnal club plays a soundtrack that is truly a hodgepodge ranging from garage rock to Balkan electro-swing to classical cheese.


105 rue du Faubourg du Temple Paris 75010


  • La Bellevilloise

La Bellevilloise packs a heavy punch. Funk, hip-hop, and soul, if these are your taste, the vivid electronic series at this venue is sure to appeal to you.  Arrive early to enjoy world music or live jazz and arrive late if you are more into boogie that will probably be going till 6 AM. If music is not your cup of tea, opt for We Like Classics Only. Plus, this venue has also a restaurant, bar, and exhibition space, so no one will feel a skimp on things to do in Paris at Night.


21, rue Boyer Paris 75020


  • Palais Maillot Paris

A commodious dance floor, a rooftop terrace, and VIP areas, you will get all together at Palais Maillot Paris offering truly remarkable vistas of the Eiffel Tower. Hosting several musical events from R&B and hip hop to house and electronic music, this one of the best Paris night clubs grants a ritzy party experience you won’t find anywhere.


2 Pl de la Prte Maillot, 75017 Paris, France


  • Le Sacre

Take your Paris Nightlife experience to the next level with Le Sacre, located in the center of the 2nd arrondissement and introduced in 2019 between Grands and Bourse Boulevards. Featuring two atmospheres, a disco bar, a club, and a smoking room, this modular and hybrid living space provides a bar, clubbing concerts, and food in a warm and energetic atmosphere. 


142 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris, France

In a nutshell, the City Of Love has so much to offer to its visitors. From fancier clubs to local faves, nightlife in Paris will surely capture your senses with its glamour and swanky ambiance. Whether your idea is to dance all night, relax in a tranquil aura, or enjoy cocktails, these clubs are sure to bestow you a remarkable experience.

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