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Beyond Levallois Perret: Road Trips to Explore Nearby Gems

Posted on 14 Jun, 2023 at 07:06 am - by Sarah Johnson

Beyond Levallois Perret: Road Trips to Explore Nearby Gems

Levallois Perret serves as an excellent base for exploring the stunning beauty and cultural richness of the surrounding areas. Embarking on a road trip from Levallois Perret allows you to uncover hidden gems, charming towns, and breathtaking landscapes that will leave you in awe. Get ready to hit the road and discover the wonders that await beyond the city limits.


1. Chantilly

Approximately an hour's drive from Levallois Perret, the town of Chantilly is a true gem. Known for its magnificent Château de Chantilly, which houses an impressive art collection and beautiful gardens, this town offers a captivating blend of history and natural beauty. Explore the grandeur of the château, visit the Great Stables to witness equestrian shows, and take a leisurely stroll through the vast Chantilly Forest.


2. Giverny

For art and nature enthusiasts, Giverny is a must-visit destination. Located about an hour and a half away from Levallois Perret, this charming village was home to the renowned Impressionist painter Claude Monet. Visit Monet's House and Gardens, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and serene beauty that inspired his famous works, particularly the Water Lilies series. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the gardens and cross the iconic Japanese Bridge.


3. Fontainebleau

Around an hour's drive southeast of Levallois Perret, the town of Fontainebleau beckons with its rich history and breathtaking architecture. Explore the magnificent Château de Fontainebleau, a UNESCO World Heritage site that served as a residence for French monarchs. Wander through the opulent halls, admire the intricate details of the Napoleon III Apartments, and stroll through the beautiful gardens. Don't forget to visit the nearby Fontainebleau Forest, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and rock climbers.


4. Auvers-sur-Oise

Step into the world of Vincent van Gogh in the picturesque town of Auvers-sur-Oise, located just over an hour away from Levallois Perret. This charming village was where the famous painter spent the last months of his life, and you can follow in his footsteps through the Van Gogh trail. Visit the Auberge Ravoux, where Van Gogh resided, and explore the surrounding landscapes that inspired his iconic artworks.


5. Vaux-le-Vicomte

Indulge in the splendor of Vaux-le-Vicomte, a magnificent château located about an hour's drive southeast of Levallois Perret. This architectural masterpiece, often referred to as the "Versailles before Versailles," showcases stunning gardens, opulent interiors, and a fascinating history. Take a guided tour to learn about the château's construction and explore the manicured French gardens that will transport you to another era.


6. Impressionist Route

If you're a fan of Impressionist art, consider following the Impressionist Route, a scenic road that connects various towns and sites associated with this influential artistic movement. From Levallois Perret, you can visit destinations such as Argenteuil, known for inspiring Claude Monet, and other towns along the Seine River that served as subjects for the Impressionist painters.


Plan Your Road Trip Adventure

Levallois Perret offers a perfect starting point to embark on road trips and explore the nearby gems. Pack your bags, plan your route, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure that will take you through charming towns, enchanting landscapes, and the rich cultural heritage of the region. Hit the road from Levallois Perret and discover the wonders that await beyond the city's boundaries.

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